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Coilus Wraps, and it's sole owner, is committed to providing high quality premium coils to consumers with any preference.

It is the owner's belief that, with so many different variances of coils, the vaping experience may not be judged by the quality of performance, but rather that of personal preference. It is my mission to provide any vaper with a coil that suits their specific preferences. It is my belief that everyone deserves to remove the cap of their rebuildable to see coilporn quality builds, which match their expectations of performance, as well as that of aesthetics.

Vaping enthusiasts can rest assured that the number one priority of Coilus Wraps is providing them with a coil, and vaping experience, they can be as proud of as if they built it themselves.

Additionally all coils are given an ultrasonic bath prior to packaging.
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The products on the website are intended for adults only. Coilus Wraps refuses to sell products of any listed nature to anyone under the legal smoking age of the state in which they reside, regardless of circumstance. By entering this site, you certify that you are above the legal smoking age of the state in which you reside.