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Single Battery Mechs

Single battery mechanical devices are the classic staple of what some consider to be "true" vaping. Some competitions are based entirely around using a single battery mech, due to the consistency of their power output. Because of this voltage consistency, the only way to alter your experience is to alter your coils, rather than changing wattage on a regulated mod. However, it will still happen naturally as the battery's life is drained.

Coilus Wraps highly recommends the Nichrome 80 Fused Claptons 26/36 3mm, 5-7 wrap, however, like all things vape related, it ultimately comes down to personal preference, and any avid vaper can find their perfect option listed below.
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Spaced Staggered Fused Clapton - Nichrome 80
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10 sets - Fused Clapton 26/36 - (0.12-0.15ohms)
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Fused Clapton 26/36 - Nichrome 80
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Spaced Fused Clapton 26/32 - Nichrome 80
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